Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth

From WikipediaLena Elisabeth Adelsohn Liljeroth (born 24 November 1955) is a Swedish politician who served as Minister for Culture and Sports from 2006 to 2014.[1] A member of the Moderate Party, she was an MP of the Swedish Riksdag from 2002 to 2014.

Charity work[edit]
She appeared as Miss July in a 2005 calendar raising money for gender studies.[2]

Political life[edit]
Liljeroth is an ardent opponent of graffiti vandalism and advocates zero tolerance on the matter.[3]

Cutting a cake at Moderna Museet[edit]
At a party for 2012 World Art Day, Liljeroth was photographed cutting a cake in the likeness of a stereotypical naked African tribal woman in the nude and with a creamy blood-red sponge filling.[4] The cake, part of the project Afromantics started in 2004 by performance artist Makode Linde, was made to bring attention to racism[5] and female genital mutilation.[6]

The photographs were posted on Facebook[7] and raised criticism and outrage, in Sweden and abroad. Dan Jonsson, a critic with Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, suggested Adelsohn Liljeroth had been trapped in a situation that whatever she had chosen to do, it would have been wrong. Despite this support, others urged her to resign.[8]