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Ny klassisk balett med tyll och tåspets! Året är 1898. Den nya Kungliga Teatern i Stockholm står färdigbyggd. På scenen repeteras baletten Raymonda, en berättelse om en kvinna som dras till två olika män. Kärleksproblemen går...
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Headspace The royal Opera House London 16 April

Background HeadSpaceDance – directed and curated by Christopher Akrill and Charlotte Broom – present their new programme If Play Is Play..., a dance-drama collaboration with actor, playwright and director Matthew Dunster and choreographers Luca Silvestrini and...
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Plateau Effect Cullberg Balett

Dancer Eva Mohn Press cuttings Plateau Effect "During the world premiere of Van Dinther's newest creation, nine dancers construct three wondrous worlds." "Hallucinatory, never shown before, it seems to be a film that we are looking at." "......
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